Loyalty & CX Awards Gulf
Cross-industry competition of products and cases in a field of loyalty marketing and customer experience for Gulf countries
About competition
Loyalty & CX Awards Gulf established in 2023 by Spectrum350 - an international community of hybrid marketers, understanding that the modern marketing is deeply integrated with IT.
Purpose of the Loyalty & CX Awards Gulf
The purpose of the Loyalty & CX Awards Gulf is to:
Companies who develop and implement innovative solutions and cases to improve customer experience and grow loyalty.
Best on market solutions and cases to Spectrum350 members and partners.
Continuous experience exchange and pooling the competencies among our members.
Awards application process
Loyalty & CX Awards Gulf application process includes 3 steps:
Each nominee should complete an application form and send it together with the supplemental documentation by email: awards@spectrum350.events, and pay an entry fee.
The entry fee depends of the time company applying - the earlier you apply, the less you pay:

  • Feb.,01 2024 - April,30 2024 - "Early Birds" - AED 1500 + VAT per entry
  • May, 01 2024 - July,31 2024 - "Promo" - AED 2000 + VAT per entry
  • Aug.,01 2024 - Oct.,04 2024 - "Regular" - AED 2500 + VAT per entry

If you are applying for three and more categories, each 3-d application is free of entry fee.

Project entry criteria for Loyalty & CX Awards Gulf'24 competition:
  1. project implementation / product rollout must have gone live and be actively used by the business or organisation between 2 and 18 months before the award submission;
  2. both customers and Implementation partners (or agencies) on behalf of customers may apply;
  3. each nominee may apply in several categories.

Final Entry Deadline: October, 04 2024.


The following criteria weighting will guide the jury during judging rounds.

For products each entry is evaluated on:
  • Product Functionality (30%).
  • Competitive advantages (20%).
  • Business benefits (50%): What business benefits have been achieved as a result of the implementation?
For cases each entry is evaluated on:
  • Project Concept (30%): How strong, breakthrough, unique and relevant is the concept?
  • Creativity (20%): How engaging is the entry?
  • Business benefits (50%): What are the quantitative indicators confirming the success of the project.
Secret ballot of the Jury board will take place between Oct.,04 2024 - Oct.,08 2024, followed by short list of Loyalty & CX Awards Gulf announce.

In controversial situation nominee may be invited to present his project to a jury board in a 30 minute webcast session.

Finally for each category only first winners will be named.

The Award Ceremony will be held on October 15, 2024 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the "Loyalty & CX KSA'24" conference.
Benefits of Winning
  • Industry Recognition

    Spectrum350 technology community, established in 2013, already unite over 3000 companies and 15000 professionals from 17 countries, developing global technology landscape.

  • Promotion
    Winning cases will be profiled in the Loyalty & CX Awards Gulf Annual, which is distributed digitally thru Spectrum350 and media-partners network, including web-sites, social networks and e-mailings. Additionally each winner will become a presenter on our next annual loyalty & CX conference.
  • Hall of Fame and Commemorative Award
    Winners will be celebrated at an Awards show in October 2024 in Riyadh, KSA.
    The winning work will be archived online in the Loyalty & CX Awards Gulf Hall of Fame.
For additional information:

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